The search for style

Some people may not consider a newborn and family photographer an artist, and depending on the photographer, they may be right.  If a photographer isn't adding any of their own style to a photo session or working to edit photos to a particular vision, then they are merely providing a product.  But most photographers are definetly artists, myself included.  

There are so many types of photography styles, even within a select niche such as families or newborns.  There's some which photograph families in a posed, grouped manner that you probably are familiar with.  These are photos on a set backdrop with few props.  The subjects are all pointed towards the camera and are smiling (or at least that's the attempt).  I do aim to get photos during my session that fit some of these parameters as we know that many people enjoy them.  They are the photos that a lot of loved ones enjoy sharing with their family.  

family photo Edmond.jpg

These photos are great to show exactly how much your family has grown, how much your daughter or son looks like you or like your partner.  They will always hold a special place in our photo albums.  


While I enjoy getting these images and I always aim for them, what really gets my interest is the more candid, or less "perfect" shot.  These are the photos that represent the moment a little more honestly and capture more personality.  

baby laughing on couch.jpg

What's interesting about capturing these photos, is that they are easier with kids, and a bit more challenging with adults.  Adults have either been trained to look and smile "just right" and have a hard time letting go.  They also tend to be a bit overly critical of how their bodies look in a photo.  Maybe throwing your head back and laughing isn't the most flattering to your jaw line, but it sure is fun!  

silly girl.jpg

There's is also a lot of difference in style that goes into a newborn photo session.  These photos are a lot pickier on poses, angles, and take a lot more time.  There are photos that we are all familiar with now of the baby swaddled in a basket or posed on a blanket.  

peaceful baby girl.jpg

These photos take a lot of time to set up and require the baby be asleep and comfortable.  They require skill and experience that photographers who don't photograph newborns frequently won't have acquired yet.  Especially in order to do it safely and in the most flattering perspective for baby.  They also require a lot of work when editing.  I LOVE the challenge these photos bring and every morning of a newborn session feels like Christmas to me.  I can't wait to get the shots I long for! 

baby in dad's arms.jpg

There's also a way to get more "candid" shots with newborn photography.  They are less posed, less meticulous and don't require that the baby be asleep.  

parents on bed with baby girl.jpg

A lot of these photos will either have baby be swaddled up, or they capture the baby as they squirm and move.  Newborn babies are experts at making the funniest of faces!

silly baby faces.jpg


There's a lot more than this that goes into style.  Things such as lighting, angle, editing for color, adding matte or textures, the list goes on and on.  But this gives you a little something to think about.  What style do you like?