The Birth of Eva Danielle

The day was long and full of patient waiting for the Llewellyn family.  While most first born babies make their momma's wait until after their due date to make their arrival, not Eva Danielle!  She didn't want to miss the fun of Christmas! 

waiting for the birth in oklahoma city.jpg

Cameron and Madalyn gave me the honor of documenting her very first birthday.  This is one very loved little girl!  A full waiting room and family waiting patiently for hours into the night. 


Then at 3:25 am on December 19th, the world became a better place.  She's here!  With a smooth entrance that left her mom barely breaking a sweat.  

birth image Mercy Hospital Oklahoma
baby girl arrival.jpg
newborn birth Edmond.jpg

6 pounds, 7 ounces, 18 inches long....10 fingers....10 toes.  

feet stamps.jpg
newborn fingers.jpg


Welcome to the world Eva!  Happy Birthday!

And thank you Madalyn and Cameron for allowing me to be a fly on the wall for such a special occasion. 

baby girl born.jpg