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Should My Partner Take My Birth Photos?

Why is a birth photographer important?

Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn't leave it up to your partner to take your birth photos:

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1. They need to be in the photos too.  To me, this one is the most obvious reason.  While usually it's the mom and baby most people are concerned with getting photographed at a birth you will want your partner in the photos too!  From cutting the umbilical cord, to first time they hold their new baby, to photos of all 3 of you as a new family, including your partner in this moment is priceless!  

2. They will be glad they are in front of the camera, not behind it.  Most partners I work with are hesitant to hire a birth photographer, but once they get those photos and see all those once in a lifetime moments, they'll be glad they did!  

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3. They have another job to do.  Most of the time, a partner is at your birth providing support and encouragement and you want them to focus on that!  You want them to be noticing you and your needs, not trying to step back and get the best angle.  



4. They aren't exactly a professional...if you know what I mean.  With the occasional exception, most people aren't skilled at photography like a professional is.  From the lighting, to the right angles and camera settings, to capturing all the details.  A pro knows how to get it done! 

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5. Even if they are a professional photographer, they aren't prepared for a birth.  A birth setting can throw some curve balls that only an experienced birth photographer will expect.  This is why when a fellow photographer and her also professional photographer husband were expecting, they hired me!  They knew that they didn't want him to have to worry about being a photographer on the birth of their daughter.

6. A photographer does more than take photos Most birth photographers will include high quality, professional prints, albums (all designed and shipped right to your door), and even things like newborn and maternity sessions!  Can't beat that with a stick!  


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