10 "Squee-Worthy" Nursery Decor Tips Using Your Photos

You love those precious photos that captured your baby when they were just minutes or days old.  

But what will you DO with them?  Canvases?  Prints?  Maybe something more….unique?  

You can use most of these ideas practically anywhere in your home.  No reason to limit those photos to the nursery! 

1. The sleek and modern wall collage

Easily transitioned as the baby gets older, keep the modern look by using large mats and thin frames.  

Photo collage for nursery

(Image from: https://www.studio-mcgee.com/studioblog/2015/10/15/make-it-modern-black-white-frames?rq=black%20frame )

2. Whimsical and eclectic collage.  

A fun way to incorporate other wall art, pops of color, and even combine canvases and framed prints

nursery decorating idea

(image from https://projectnursery.com/projects/all-things-pink-and-girly-finally/ )

3. One large canvas

This is a great way to make a big statement with a favorite image.  I especially love this look with a detail shot such as a close up of hands or lips.  Size definitely does matter in this case and the bigger the better.  At a minimum you'd want a 20x30. 

large canvas at Thrive.jpg

(Image of large canvas by Corrie Graybill Photography on display at Thrive Mama Collective)

4. Hanging

So fun!  This is an inexpensive and creative way to display a few smaller prints.  Great for a woodland themed nursery!  You could also hand from a clothesline, or a wire for modern look.

newborn photo display

(image from: https://projectnursery.com/projects/owl-you-need-is-love/#_a5y_p=5300042 )

5. Photo mobile

This one uses embroidery hoops for a unique diy approach to the classic mobile.  

baby mobile with photos

(image from: https://www.buzzfeed.com/malisia/14-creative-ways-to-use-embroidery-hoops-without-h-9zuw?s=mobile )

6. Large framed collage

This look would be great way to show the story of your birth from beginning to end!  Yes, you can display your birth photos too!!!

large framed collage.jpg

(image from: https://housetohomeblog.com/2012/01/31/photograph-wall-collage/ )

7. Lattice display

How cute would this be in a garden themed nursery?  Love it! 

lattice display.jpg
photo blocks.jpg

(image from: https://craft.ideas2live4.com/2015/05/08/creative-ways-to-display-photos/?utm_content=buffer2edd7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer )

9. Clipboards

You could buy some in bright fun colors or use the tutorial in the link below for a rustic, chunky look

clipboard photo display.jpg

(Image and tutorial: http://lovegrowswild.com/2013/08/diy-photo-clipboards/ )

10. Geometric 

Click the link below for the tutorial on this easy diy option.  Another way to add some “print” to your room!

geometric portrait .jpg

(Image and tutorial from: http://www.thecaldwellproject.com/blog/diy-geometric-photo-display )

With all these options, I hope you have at least some ideas for your nursery project!  And the right photographer can help you plan it all out and get the shots you’re dreaming of!