Another one of my loves.....

Those of you that know me well know that photography hasn't always been my first love.  I will always have a strong love and desire to work with animals!  Before starting my business I was working for the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and I will always have a love of working with them.  They do everything!  From spaying and neutering, adoptions, transporting animals, and much more!  



I occasionally offer my photography services to them as having good photos that really represent the animal's personality is vital to finding them loving homes.  And it isn't always easy getting these photos!  These animals are wiggly, shy, and move very fast!  

german shepherd dog in the snow


Another group that I work with regularly is Nexus Equine.  They are a fantastic organization that is working to take horses that are still in the prime of their lives of all ages and they retrain them and find them suitable new homes.  

horse photography


I love to go spend time with these horses as they are all very friendly and happy for attention.  They aren't too bad on the eyes either!  

two horses.jpg


So just when you thought I was all about babies and families......


If you are looking for a dog or cat to adopt or you'd like more information on the Humane Society, please check out 

And if you'd like more information on adopting a horse or how to get involved, then check out