10 "Squee-Worthy" Nursery Decor Tips Using Your Photos

You love those precious photos that captured your baby when they were just minutes or days old.  

But what will you DO with them?  Canvases?  Prints?  Maybe something more….unique?  

You can use most of these ideas practically anywhere in your home.  No reason to limit those photos to the nursery! 

1. The sleek and modern wall collage

Easily transitioned as the baby gets older, keep the modern look by using large mats and thin frames.  

Photo collage for nursery

(Image from: https://www.studio-mcgee.com/studioblog/2015/10/15/make-it-modern-black-white-frames?rq=black%20frame )

2. Whimsical and eclectic collage.  

A fun way to incorporate other wall art, pops of color, and even combine canvases and framed prints

nursery decorating idea

(image from https://projectnursery.com/projects/all-things-pink-and-girly-finally/ )

3. One large canvas

This is a great way to make a big statement with a favorite image.  I especially love this look with a detail shot such as a close up of hands or lips.  Size definitely does matter in this case and the bigger the better.  At a minimum you'd want a 20x30. 

large canvas at Thrive.jpg

(Image of large canvas by Corrie Graybill Photography on display at Thrive Mama Collective)

4. Hanging

So fun!  This is an inexpensive and creative way to display a few smaller prints.  Great for a woodland themed nursery!  You could also hand from a clothesline, or a wire for modern look.

newborn photo display

(image from: https://projectnursery.com/projects/owl-you-need-is-love/#_a5y_p=5300042 )

5. Photo mobile

This one uses embroidery hoops for a unique diy approach to the classic mobile.  

baby mobile with photos

(image from: https://www.buzzfeed.com/malisia/14-creative-ways-to-use-embroidery-hoops-without-h-9zuw?s=mobile )

6. Large framed collage

This look would be great way to show the story of your birth from beginning to end!  Yes, you can display your birth photos too!!!

large framed collage.jpg

(image from: https://housetohomeblog.com/2012/01/31/photograph-wall-collage/ )

7. Lattice display

How cute would this be in a garden themed nursery?  Love it! 

lattice display.jpg
photo blocks.jpg

(image from: https://craft.ideas2live4.com/2015/05/08/creative-ways-to-display-photos/?utm_content=buffer2edd7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer )

9. Clipboards

You could buy some in bright fun colors or use the tutorial in the link below for a rustic, chunky look

clipboard photo display.jpg

(Image and tutorial: http://lovegrowswild.com/2013/08/diy-photo-clipboards/ )

10. Geometric 

Click the link below for the tutorial on this easy diy option.  Another way to add some “print” to your room!

geometric portrait .jpg

(Image and tutorial from: http://www.thecaldwellproject.com/blog/diy-geometric-photo-display )

With all these options, I hope you have at least some ideas for your nursery project!  And the right photographer can help you plan it all out and get the shots you’re dreaming of!  

Should My Partner Take My Birth Photos?

Why is a birth photographer important?

Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn't leave it up to your partner to take your birth photos:

Father daughter bonding oklahoma city.jpg

1. They need to be in the photos too.  To me, this one is the most obvious reason.  While usually it's the mom and baby most people are concerned with getting photographed at a birth you will want your partner in the photos too!  From cutting the umbilical cord, to first time they hold their new baby, to photos of all 3 of you as a new family, including your partner in this moment is priceless!  

2. They will be glad they are in front of the camera, not behind it.  Most partners I work with are hesitant to hire a birth photographer, but once they get those photos and see all those once in a lifetime moments, they'll be glad they did!  

Husband support during birth edmond oklahoma.jpg

3. They have another job to do.  Most of the time, a partner is at your birth providing support and encouragement and you want them to focus on that!  You want them to be noticing you and your needs, not trying to step back and get the best angle.  



4. They aren't exactly a professional...if you know what I mean.  With the occasional exception, most people aren't skilled at photography like a professional is.  From the lighting, to the right angles and camera settings, to capturing all the details.  A pro knows how to get it done! 

Dad with newborn baby.jpg

5. Even if they are a professional photographer, they aren't prepared for a birth.  A birth setting can throw some curve balls that only an experienced birth photographer will expect.  This is why when a fellow photographer and her also professional photographer husband were expecting, they hired me!  They knew that they didn't want him to have to worry about being a photographer on the birth of their daughter.

6. A photographer does more than take photos Most birth photographers will include high quality, professional prints, albums (all designed and shipped right to your door), and even things like newborn and maternity sessions!  Can't beat that with a stick!  


Want more information on what a birth photographer can do you for you?  Email me below!

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OKC Birth Photography Model Call!

You will never regret having birth photos!   

A birth is just as important (if not maybe more important) than your wedding day!  

You have prepared for months, nay YEARS, for this moment and trust me....you won't want to forget a moment!  

DSC_8514 small edit.jpg
Edmond Birth Photographer
  • What EMOTION will you feel the first moment you see your baby's face?
  • What was your partner doing as they were by your side?
  • What about those moments you couldn't see? 
  • When your other children and family meet your baby, you'll want to remember their reactions! 



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Why I almost punched my nurse....

So it's my first baby, my first delivery.  

I have just spent 14 hours in active labor, with the last hour pushing, shaking, and I'll be honest, puking. 

He's finally here!  

I'm looking at my son for the first time!  He's perfect.  Screaming, wrinkly, squish faced, bald little human.  I'm in love. 

I hear a voice from by my head say "WHO IS THIS?"

I'm out of it and at first think the nurse is referring to the precious new life in my arms.  But I was wrong.  


While I'm in my post labor calm moment.  Meeting the little boy that I have just spent 9 tireless months creating, she answered her cell phone.

Edmond Birth Photographer

She then proceeded prop the phone between her shoulder and cheek like some harassed secretary, scoop up my baby boy, and take him away from me over to be cleaned up and examined. 

If I hadn't been so doped up on hormones and out of sorts, I am sure I would have shrieked at her.  As it was, I was in no state to defend myself.  When you're the new one and they are the "experienced service provider" you don't think you can speak your mind.  You assume they know what's best.  

After she continues the rather loud phone discussion while checking over my freshly born son, my obstetrician gestured to the other nursing staff and got her kicked out of the room.  

While I appreciate his stepping in, I understand that he shouldn't have had to do that.  He was in the process of seeing to my needs and didn't need a huge distraction.  

OKC Birth Photographer

If I had had a doula, she would have stepped up 

Doulas are there to see to your interests and the interests of your child.  They are your coach, your partner, and your guardian.  

When something isn't going the way it should, they have the experience and confidence to say what it is needed. 

Answering her phone right as my son was born is the equivalent of speaking up in the middle of wedding vows.  What she did was disrespectful, rude, and a prime example of horrible bedside manner.  

Most nurses won't do this.  They treat each birth as if it were their own.  They honor it and cherish it.  But you can't be certain that you will have the best of the best.  But you can hire the best doula possible.  

If you are interested in meeting with a doula and learning more about the services they provide (everything from help during pregnancy to night time nanny care of your newborn!) then please check out www.thrivemamacollective.com and they will hook you up!  


How having dogs prepared me for having a baby, and how it didn't.

dogs and babies.jpg

Who out there is an animal lover?  *raises hand enthusiastically*

Before having my son and falling madly in love with all things baby, I was living and breathing animals.  Particularly, horses, cats, and of course.... dogs.  

fur baby love.jpg


My husband and I had 2 dogs when our son was born.  Our first was Ruby.  She was a pit mix we had adopted from the Stillwater animal shelter while we were in college.  She was perfect.  Calm, sweet, patient, and trustworthy.  She was our baby.  


dog lady

Our second dog was Willow.  And while very sweet and overall still a great dog, she wasn't as "perfect" as Ruby.   She loves everyone!  But maybe a little TOO much.  I always say that if you give Willow an inch, she'll love you the whole mile.  If you pet her even a little bit, she's crawling into your lap.  And considering she's a Rottweiler/Airdale mix, that's a lot of dog to have in your face.  

I liked to think that having dogs gave me an understanding of how to care for another living thing, and it did!  I learned routine.  It's important to always keep in your mind where your dog is and if it's needs are met.  Now, with a dog it's a lot simpler than with a baby.  For one big thing, you can leave a dog home alone (or at least most dogs you can).  But you can't make a spare of the moment plan to go on a trip without considering where your dog is and if you need to hire a dog sitter.  For some dogs that's really easy.  With all our animals (2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses), it isn't.  There aren't many people that can meet those needs and that I trust with my home and beloved pets.  


ruby and wes.jpg

Another way that it helped is how important their health is.  Dogs are hearty animals.  They can live on a diet of dry dog kibble their whole life and see a vet only a few times for checkups and be good.  But if something happens, they can't tell you what's wrong.  Our sweet Ruby was sick and we had no idea.  We went on a trip and left her in the care of our good friends (who treated her wonderfully).   They called to say she was a little slower than normal, but still was eating, so we weren't too concerned.  The next day they said she wasn't getting up.  They took her to our vet immediately there they found a huge mass in her chest and her lungs were filling with fluid.  It was already too late.  There was no way she would even live long enough for us to come say goodbye.  

Wes and ruby 2.jpg

I promise I'm not telling you this story to make you cry.  I am telling you so you know that their lives are precious.  And they can't tell you when they are hurt, you just have to read whatever signals they provide.  Same goes for babies!  When our daughter took a tumble a few days ago, we knew she was banged up and achy, and we had her checked out.  At that time it was impossible for the doctor to tell exactly what was wrong.  If she was seriously hurt or if she was sore and scared.  A few days later we had her checked out again when we realized that she was being careful with one of her legs.  Turns out she has a small fracture in her tibia, a very common break in these little bones.  She'll be fine and just has to wear a splint for a few weeks, but I am so glad we didn't brush off her fussiness!  She needed our help! 

raising dogs and babies

Now, there are many ways in which dogs cannot prepare you for a baby.  While I thought I was loving and protective of my dogs, those feeling were multiplied by a thousand when I met my babies.  If you haven't had children yet I can try to explain the feelings that will come over you, but there's no point.  You just have to experience it for yourself.  

And while I love my dogs to the moon.....I love my babies to the moon and back.   And if my dogs ever thought to hurt my babies, I will kick them to the curb faster than you can say "wasn't that your furbaby?"