I'm so excited to capture you!!!  


Until we meet for our shoot, here are some tips.  I will try to answer any questions you may have, before you even ask them!  I have segregated this by what kind of opportunities I offer, but I have kept them all on the same page as you may be curious about multiple options! 



Q: When should our shoot be?

A:  It is best to do a maternity shoot between 30 and 35 weeks gestation.  This will have the pregnancy far enough along to have a cute bump but not so far as to be too close to delivering that we potentially not get to do the shoot!  If you have your shoot already scheduled with me and you get word from your doctor that you may be expecting sooner rather than later, please let me know!  We can move your appointment if necessary.  

Q: What if I end up delivering before the shoot?

A: Well, there's not much we can do to put the baby back, lol.  The only part of my deposit that is non-refundable is the initial deposit outlined in our contract.  Anything outside of that that you have already paid me can either be reimbursed or applied towards another shoot (such as newborn). 

Q: Where will the shoot be?

A:  All my shoots are held at my property.  I have an indoor studio set up in my home that allows for indoor photos, staging, and preparation.  Outdoors there is lots of land with many different views.  Forest, grass fields, picturesque indeed!  My home is located at 8420 Autumn Lane, Edmond, OK, 73025.  We are located in the Autumn Farms addition that is 3 miles north of Waterloo on the East side of Western Ave.  There is a red barn at the entrance (say hello to my horses, Sahara and Indy).  We are the white house with a blue door.  It is a new housing community and doesn't yet show up on maps.  

Q:What should I wear?

A: One of the "perks" of hiring me is that you don't have to worry too much about this!  I have a selection of gowns for you to choose from, and if you have something specific in mind let me know!  We can work out how to get you exactly the look you are wanting.  I offer print credit reimbursement (ala carte only) for your purchase of select gowns.  I have a wish list for you to choose from, and since you only need to wear it once, you can then give me the dress and I will equal the purchase price of the dress in print credit!  Pretty cool deal, right?  This only applies for gowns that are on my list or that I have agreed with you on.  

For the dads, if you let me know what his shirt size is I can provide a dress shirt or nice t-shirt for him to wear.  So all he needs to wear is jeans and shoes that aren't bright and he doesn't mind getting a little dirty.  

Same goes for you, please wear shoes you don't mind getting a little dirty.  You're feet won't show in tall grass or under a long gown, and you don't need to be walking through woods in high heels, while 34 weeks pregnant!  

Also, please wear nude underwear that is designed for minimal exposure, such as thongs and strapless bras.  Many of the gowns are strapless and form fitting!