Gift Registry Sign Up

Looking to start a gift registry with me?


How does it work?

Step 1: Book a consultation with me.  You can do that here: 

Step 2: Sign a contract with me.  We will discuss the specifics during our consultation. 

Step 3: Have an idea of your end goal.  Do you want Birth Photography?  Newborn?  Maybe something else?  What about what package you'd like?  Album?  Canvas? 

Step 4: Let your friends and family know.  When you are letting everyone know about where you're registered (Target, Amazon, Green Bambino, etc) include me as well!  You can link them to my gift registry page.

Step 5: I let you know when people have contributed to your registry and give you a running total. Then when your final payments are due, you'll just need to contribute the remaining amount or perhaps there will be a surplus!  Any money given through the registry can be used towards sessions fees, deposits, products, and packages. 


*Please know that any money contributed to the registry cannot be returned to the gifter or to you.*

*Any registry contributions expire after 2 years.*