Just a couple things you should have (and not have) while prepping for baby

Don't fret momma, we've all been there!  It's almost time for little one to arrive and you aren't sure if you have all that you need.  Well, no worries!  Here's some helpful tips from someone who's been there a couple times and spends lots of times with others in the same boat.  

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I'm not about to patronize you and tell you the importance of a crib and carseat. You've probably got that selected a while ago or at least have it narrowed down. 

Instead I'm going to list just a handful of things that you might not think you need or don't know the value of.  But trust me....these are vital! 

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1. Halo swaddles:

These things are awesome!  They take the guess work out of swaddling and are nice and secure and will at least mostly keep those little escape artist's limbs in place.  We all know how important a good sleep is and swaddling is vital!  Helpful tip: try Once Upon a Child or Just Between Friends consignment for great deals.  

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2. Nose Frida:

I know, I know.  Ewwww!  But trust me, these things will be your best friend when allergy season and cold season hits at once and you just need....that....snot.....GONE.  And those bulb thingies? They don't do jack squat.  

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And now a couple things to not bother with.  They aren't worth your $$$! 

1. A fancy swing.  Most babes I know either hate them or are happy with a cheap one.  So don't bother. 

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2. Wipe warmer.  While it may seem nice to have warm wipes when cleaning that delicate area, it isn't all that necessary.  And they break.  A lot.  So just save the money!

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So there you have it!  Just a couple little tips to help you as you freak out.  And momma?  Don't freak out.  Unless you live in Antartica all you need is a short store trip away.  You got this.  

See my new studio!

Here it is!  After over a year of building our house and then a few months worth of moving in (thanks to having a toddler and a newborn to juggle) I finally have the studio up to a certain standard!


While there's a few more tweaks I'd like to make, I am very pleased with how it has turned out!  I kept it natural, bright, and comfortable.  There's multiple places to shoot within it.  A floor backdrop, a posing bag with backdrop stand for the little newborns, a comfy, classic bed for a more intimate approach to family pictures and a vintage couch for sweet families or even just a place to relax while you let me do all the work!  


All of my props have their home and are within easy reach.  It really gives you a sense of what my style is.  This is really going to help each session go smoothly and lets me focus on perfecting the work.  


And as always, if some in your family get a little restless and need to watch some tv, play with toys, or stretch their legs they are welcome to head down the stairs to my living room.  Fresh water, snacks, and place to put your feet up.  What more could you ask for?

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Enough with the Advice Already!

Hello Friends!


Who here feels totally confused by all the conflicting information out there regarding raising our little ones?  *waves hand in the air like a crazy person*

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                                 I think we can all feel as frustrated as this 1 day old at times


Wether or not to feed organic?  How long to breastfeed?  If you don't breastfeed, what formula is best?  TV exposure?  Introducing allergens?  And of course, the one I think is probably googled more than any other.......establishing a sleeping schedule? It can certainly get confusing and I see plenty of new moms, just like myself, get overwhelmed and quickly feel inadequate.


How stupid!!!  I mean really, are you alive and kicking?  Did your parents have google?  Do you know what they did have?  THEIR parents.  That's right.  Before internet searches and the, there was *ask mom*.  While every mom raises their child differently, I have realized that most grandmas have the same response when their daughters and sons ask for advice.  

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                                                      Momma knows best?  Well, why not?  


The best advice that most parents receive from any other loved ones, not just grandmas, is to do what works for YOU.  Only YOU know your baby, your life, your schedule, your emotions, and your perspective.   It's stupid for us to let social media, other moms, the news, or anyone tell us that our instincts as parents is wrong.  Is your baby breathing, growing, and thriving?  Then you are doing a GREAT JOB!!!  If you worry that something isn't right, then maybe it isn't.  Change it and do what feels right to you, within reason (I don't think you should let your baby play with sharp knives and loaded gun because that feels right to you....there is some common sense that needs to be at play here). 


Your baby loves you!  You are the most person in the world to them.  Not the Babbling Betty online who seems to have all the "right" answers.  

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                                                                  Keep calm and smile on


Keep up the great work parents! 


With Love,

Corrie Graybill