OKC Birth Photography Model Call!

You will never regret having birth photos!   

A birth is just as important (if not maybe more important) than your wedding day!  

You have prepared for months, nay YEARS, for this moment and trust me....you won't want to forget a moment!  

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Edmond Birth Photographer
  • What EMOTION will you feel the first moment you see your baby's face?
  • What was your partner doing as they were by your side?
  • What about those moments you couldn't see? 
  • When your other children and family meet your baby, you'll want to remember their reactions! 



In honor of recently joining Thrive Mama Collective (more about them at www.thrivemamacollective.com) I am having a model call!  

I want to feature your birth story!

My packages are 50% off for a select few moms who qualify!  And I'm only accepting 2 more bookings at this rate!

My packages are priced starting at $1150, so with this promotion that's only $575!  (Gasp!)

OKC Birth Photography sale
Corrie made it very comfortable to have someone in the room while I delivered. She captured all the important moments and I am in love with our birth photos.
— Madalyn

To qualify you must:

  •  Be having a baby in within an hours drive of Edmond, OK.  
  • You are willing to sign a model release (all photos used for promotional material will be approved by you before their public use)
Edmond Labor photography

This is limited availability!  I only have room for 2 more births!  Any due date is accepted, but as soon as the remaining spots are filled, this rate is gone!   

Fill out this form NOW!  You don't want to be kicking yourself if you forget and miss out! 

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