Day in the Life of the Graybills

I was on a mission this past Saturday.  I wanted to capture a typical day in the life of my family.  I didn't want to dress us up, pose us, and have us all smile at the camera.  I wanted to capture us as we are!  I'll create an album, and years from now my kids will get to look back and see what it was like when they were just babes.  

Wesley is 3.5 now.  He's potty training.  Getting picked on and picking on his sister.  Playing with cars and trucks all the time.  And he loves to be cuddled, tickled, and raised over our heads.  

Amelia is 11 months now.  She is getting into every cabinet, every drawer, every open door.  She thinks her big brother is the best thing on earth and loves to squeeze and play with the dogs.  

On Saturday we hung around the house in our pjs, my mom (Nana Lou) came by for a visit, went to Hobby Lobby, went out for ice cream, did a craft, and had bath time.  I handed the camera to my husband several times and a lot of the photos you see are by him.  

Sure, the photos aren't perfect composition and or even edited perfectly, but they are us!  And I know we will cherish them.  

Would you want a similar "day in the life" shoot done for your family?