10 quick tips on photographing your own baby

Nothing will inspire a person to pick up a camera more than having their own baby!  

While you watch that little newborn squish their face into funny expressions you'll think it's the cutest and funniest thing in the whole world.  

After just a week you'll look at those pics from the hospital and "WOW! You've already grown so much!!!"

taking pictures of babies.jpg


Here's some tips on ways to add a little more "umpf" to those pictures.  

So here we go...

1. Turn off the flash!  Ugh, nothing is so unflattering as a bright light illuminating a face and nothing else.  Not to mention it causes red eye! So yeah, do this instead:

2. Open your curtains.  Natural light is the BEST light to photograph with. Experiment with windows in your home at different times of the day. 

3. So what if your house is just too dark?  Take them outside!  Best time is in the morning, evening, or if you have to be out in the middle of the day look for a shady spot.  

baby photography tips.jpg


4.  Composition.  This is a fancy word for where you place the subject (your baby) within the picture.  Typically we are going to put them square in the center, which is great!  But have some fun with having them on the side, bottom, wherever.  Look at them from different angles too!  Overhead, from underneath, have fun!

5. Tone down the distractions.  Unless you have a specific reason for an funny or cute phrase on a onesie, it's best to keep their clothes as simple as possible.  Also, remove items from around them.  I always loved to lay my babies out on my bed or on a solid color blanket.  

newborn photographer.jpg


6. Get the details!  Don't forget those little chubby fingers grabbing at their own feet.  Or how looooong the eye lashes are! And no one can look cute with fat rolls....except your baby. 

7. Get in front of the camera.  You'll look back on these photos and really relish these moments, without a doubt.  But you know who your baby wants to see?  You.  They will grow up and really cherish the images where they are tiny in your arms.  The photo below is me with my daughter.  I had my camera on a tripod and set the timer.  A little bit of trouble, sure, but totally worth it! 

photography tips for moms.jpg


8.  Get them with other family members.  Nothing is sweeter than having photos of all your kids together.  Or with their dad.  Or how about the grandparents? 

9.  Be sure to take videos too!  While photography is always great, there are some things that can't every be captured in a photo, such as sound.  Those little grunts and squeals are priceless.  

10.  Hire a professional.  Yup, I had to say it.  While I am sure you will always cherish those pictures you take yourself, nothing can quite compare to the photos a person with training, experience, equipment, and knowledge can create.  If you are worried about the price, please know that many professional photographers, myself included, are happy to work out pricing payment options, offer gift cards (so you can put them on your registry!), and may even occasionally offer a model call sale.  So please seek out these options so you won't look back and regret not having professional quality photos of your son or daughter. 

baby photographer edmond.jpg